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Nick Holiday aka Nick Lenzini is an American born brand owner, art director, stylist, graphic designer among other things.  

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Nick was born in Saint Louis, Missouri where he would steal hoodie blanks from local stores for his first brand Stay Broke. These hoodies would get adorned with sharpie drawings and sold to his friends. Years later this nick has moved on from stolen hoodies to styling and designing clothes for Brockhampton, making clothing for Shia LaBeouf’s theater company and owning his own popular label, Holiday Brand. 


Nick Wearing an OG Staybroke hoodie via @Nickholiday


Nick would continue with his brand StayBroke until he was introduced to Kevin Abstract’s music through his friend Corey Miller. Nick went on to start a relationship with Kevin online through DM’s until he saw one of Kevin’s tweets saying Brockhampton needed someone to run their merch for them. He told Kevin he wanted to do it and the rest is history. Nick went on to not only handle the tour merch for BrockHampton but also designed and styled the collective. Most of their iconic looks throughout the years including the orange jumpsuits can be attributed to Nick. 


BrockHampton Styled by Nick via @NickHoliday


While working with Brockhampton, Nick started to transition his brand from the name, “Stay Broke” to “Holiday Brand” after making a Stay Broke “holiday shirt”. Holiday took the basics of Stay Broke and transformed it into a modern streetwear company with depth beyond screenprinting and embroidery. Recently Holiday has been picked up by stores such as Dover Street Market in addition to it being sold on Brockhampton and it’s own website. 


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Nick famously got a lot of notoriety from his now ‘banned’ NY - LA hats where the MLB actually sent him a cease and desist letter because he used both the New York Yankees logo on one side and the Los Angeles Dodgers logo on the other on simple colored hats; that were so damn clean. These hats featuring the logos of both the Yankees and the Dodgers represented most creatives split lives between New York and LA. 



 Nick made a few iterations until the likes of Hailey Bieber and other big name celebrities were seen repping them around LA. This is when the scene caught on and ultimately led to the MLB barring Nick from producing more. In my opinion, they could have made this piece an official collaboration between Nick and the MLB and benefited it but they obviously took the greedy route as most big corporations do. These hats still can be found on the Internet nowadays, being sold for hundreds of dollars on grailed, etsy, depop etc. but also being bootlegged by countless companies which truly shows how iconic they really are.


Hailey Bieber wearing a NY*LA Holiday Hat


Nick regularly drops full collections through Holiday which he primarily markets through instagram with the occasional billboard. He is known for his very creative photoshoots for his collections that is far from a normal clean white background shoot, primarily drawing inspiration from the earth with recently using snow, forest and lava backgrounds. His collections range from pieces such as hoodies, vests, shirts, sweats, jeans, pants, jackets, hats, beanies, sunglasses, chains, shorts, gloves, socks, tons of accessories and more. 


Photo from Holiday's 'Meltdown' collection, recently dropped

1 Drop of Holiday's 'Meltdown' collection


The first time I was introduced to Nick Holiday was through instagram seeing his brand Holiday a few years back, I thought wow, this dude is gonna be a household name one day. Over the years, following his brand and personal growth has been inspiring and made me realize that the sky is truly the limit for Mr. Holiday. Nick has gone a long way from stealing hoodies and drawing on them to getting his pieces sold at the iconic Dover Street Market. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Nick. 


To keep up to date with Nick, make sure to follow @nickholiday & @holiday.brand on Instagram. 

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