Zach Kinninger's Basketcase Gallery

Los Angeles based Zach Kinninger (@odd_zach) and his brainchild Basketcase Gallery have started a new movement in fashion with bold, vintage-inspired clothing.  


The name Basketcase was inspired by Kinninger's admiration for creatives that didn’t fit the traditional, societal mold. A basketcase per se. There is no doubt that Kinninger fits into this group as well. He describes the idea behind Basketcase as clothes for “Someone who completely doesn't give a shit about what anyone else thinks and they are creating solely for the sake of creativity”. 

Basketcase was started by Kinninger while he was still in college. In the early days of the brand, he would screenprint and repurpose vintage pieces because he couldn't afford to buy blanks. This vintage inspiration can be seen in every element of Basketcase today. From the start of the design process in which the team scours vintage magazines, clothes and even yearbooks for inspiration for the actual pieces they print on which are generally classic vintage silhouettes such as the varsity jacket or 70’s raglan crewnecks. These pieces help to make vintage styles more widely available. As Kinninger puts it, "I want to make pieces a 16 year old me would be excited to wear." 

Late last year, Basketcase scored its first major collaboration with Adidas. They took inspiration from vintage Adidas shorts and crewnecks for the most interesting collaboration of 2021. Crewnecks adorned with sewn-on patches and paint splatters, split-colored track pants and even dirt biking jerseys combines the style of Basketcase with traditional Adidas silhouettes. 


Kinninger tries to release one collection each month. In each four-week cycle he completely starts from scratch. In the span of the next four weeks, he completely reinvents the brand with a new collection, lookbook, and content. While many of the values of the brand stay the same throughout collections, the imagery and design inspiration is consistently changing. 

Keep up to date with Basketcase Gallery on Instagram and Zach Kinninger @odd_zach

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  • Colin Myers

    Awesome read. Kid is a baller

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