Cash Kaito

Kaito Hashimoto @cashkaito is a Los Angeles based fashion designer, model and founder of Four Atelier, a streetwear brand that draws inspiration from his experiences working at Golf Wang, ERL and Yeezy. 

Kaito's introduction to the fashion world came through skateboarding. While in high school, Kaito formed a friendship with Supreme skater Na’ Kel Smith and eventually met up with him when he moved to Los Angeles for school. Na’Kel made appearances in Loiter Squad and more recently was in Jonah Hill's Mid '90s.

Through skateboarding, Kaito started making connections in Los Angeles and eventually met Tyler, the creator at the Golf Wang store. Kaito recalls their first meeting It was so cool, he had this aura about him. I wasn’t a superfan so I wasn’t that nervous, but the aura was there, I was there with a couple of my friends and Tyler liked how we looked.” This meeting led to modeling work for the brand and eventually joining the team as a designer. From there Kaito's unique sense of style and eye for design led him to intern at the Yeezy runway footwear department and at ERL under Eli Linnetz. 

Four Atelier hat worn by Tyler, the creator


In late 2020, Kaito started Four Atelier.  In an interview with One37pm he explained that he was

“seeing all of these cool brands and cool clothes and I felt like–I have ideas too and I want to put those into the world.”

His first collections have featured a  Kapital-esque embroidered trucker hat and a bold puff print crewneck with “Four” across the back. Kaito's inspiration for the brand came from the number 4 and its taboo nature in most Asian cultures. "Growing up in Asia, four is kind of a faux pas. Some of the elevators there would just skip the number 4, and that always interested me. The number has this edgy, taboo energy and I thought that was cool". These most recent crewnecks also show the influence of Golf Wang in his work. The playful letters and use of earth tones is classic new era golf style. 


Between Four Atelier, Golf Wang and recent modeling jobs for Calvin Klein and Givenchy, Kaito Hashimoto is quickly making a name for himself in fashion. 

To Keep up to date with Kaito Hashimoto and Four Atelier on Instagram make sure to follow @cashkaito @four_atelier on instagram.

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