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Unsound Rags (@unsoundrags) is a curated vintage showroom started by creatives Fernando Rangel (@fernandorangel), Ty Nieto (@ty.cito) and Trevor Gorji (@trevorgorji). Focusing on clothing that is heavily worn, imperfect and sometimes even considered unwearable, Unsound Rags has created one of the best online vintage storefronts and built a reputation for featuring a hyper curated, exclusive selection of pieces. 

Unsound at its core is an Instagram vintage page. A feed consisting of concrete backed pictures of garments with the occasional photo dump or repost on something the team finds relevant. Hundreds of boxy fitting T-shirts featuring corny slogans, faded blue-turned purple french core coats and stained raglan sweatshirts have graced the concrete floor since the page's inception in 2019. In the early stages of Unsound, anything from a 1994 Voodoo Lounge tee to a 95’ dead tee could be found on the site but as time has gone on and Unsound has grown to over 90K followers, the standard of curation has changed drastically. Nowadays their most popular items are packs of three vintage black blanks and various other simple tees that are preferred for their fade, distressing and tag instead of graphic.

These items come to Unsound through many different sources. In an interview with Hypebeast, Fernando explained that “We source everywhere we can. Whether that be through flea markets, online, or finding garments through other means. It’s important to keep fresh inventory and curate what’s unique and exciting to us. With vintage garments, that’s a lot easier; there are decades worth of items to choose from.”. 

From vintage, Unsound Rags is branched off into a few different ventures. The most similar being Silver League (@silverleague), an archive designer showroom. Following many of the same principles as Unsound, Silver League catalogs and sells culturally significant designer pieces from brands such as Raf Simons, Maison Margiela and Helmut Lang. 

In addition to that, Unsound has started releasing their own clothing. Their first collection featured a series of reconstructed vintage denim, raw cut Japanese denim and blank terry-cotton hoodies. These pieces followed the aesthetic and style of Unsound vintage curation that people have grown to love. 

More recently, Unsound collaborated with Travor Gorji’s Fugazi (@fugazi) for a ten piece collection featuring a work jacket and double knees inspired by the iconic Unsound concrete floor, hats ripping off the D.A.R.E logo, and a sweatshirt urging customers to “Focus on the Unsound”.


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