Nasty Novocaine

YMM: Name, Age, Where are you from?
Jordan, I'm 22, from San Francisco.
YMM: Tell us about your childhood.
Right away I knew I wanted to be an artist. In kindergarten, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up for these certificates and I chose “artist”. That idea always stuck to me but I always had this pressure to grow. I was always traveling in the car with my mom, no matter where we went she taught us to never ask a question. She put me on to all the music I listened to growing up, we’d mostly listen to shit on the radio. She would pull up to my school in a nice rental with the music blasting just to show the kids how cool she was for me. When I had no one it was just me and my brothers and sister, and til this day there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.
YMM: How did you get into fashion? 
So in high school, I was thinking about going to school and getting a math degree or some shit, becoming a teacher you know. But fashion was always there. There never was an “oh, I'm going to be a fashion designer” moment up until my senior year when I told my grandma I was going to chase fashion and clothes. I had always been into clothes, I remember when I graduated high school, I went to the revenge pop-up with my mom and begged her to buy me these shoes. I think they were like 200 dollars and there was no way she could afford them. But I got them for my graduation gift and it was the last time with my mom where she really dropped a bag on some stupid shit for me. 
YMM: When did you move to LA?
Me and my friend Simon went out there during my sophomore year of college. After a while, he met the creative director for Spyder and basically was invited to pull up to their space. We were out there working for like eight days straight. Sleeping on his floor, no showers, straight up stealing food from Target. It really was a great experience though. My photoshop wasn’t the best back then and they really weren’t fucking with me so I had to do fashion sketches instead. I remember being told my sketches weren’t good enough so I stayed up all night just practicing until I got them right. After Spyder, I moved back out to San Francisco for a minute but obviously came back to LA and I've been here ever since. 
YMM: Speaking of Revenge, how did you and Phoenix start working together?
Yeah, I had met Phoenix in La when I first moved there working for Spyder. He said he recognized me from that Revenge pop-up back in SF so I was already tapped in with him but then one day he posted some shit where he was like, I'm looking for a graphic designer. I swiped up on that shit and started working for him. Our first collection has this green girl tee that I made and he said that was the hardest shirt he had ever seen and he wanted to use it for Opium. I designed that whole collection completely. And to this day. I don't think there's anything like it. Just the energy, you know what I'm saying? Working on that first collection, I was under real pressure to succeed. I put all my eggs in this one basket and it ended up working out in the best way. At the time I only had about 160$ to my name, i was in a cycle of just wearing the same clothes, no time to get a haircut, just waking up in the same chair everyday, but living with Phoenix Luke and Zorrs I ended up being around clothes regardless. Zorrs actually put me on to some of the first pieces I bought when I got my first check.”
YMM: How would you describe Never Ending Worldwide?
It’s really just my lifestyle and how I feel being myself. I know that I’m a star and I want people to feel exactly that putting my shit on. This is my plan A and I don’t have a plan B, I put my logos on my body thinking “this is it, this is me forever."
YMM: What's next for NVR?
Really, outside of improved fulfillment, I’m trying to solidify my branding and start releasing products that people will recognize. Like my tank top, I’m really aiming to make clothes that people will end up collecting. Every piece I made has a little something more, you just have to pay attention to the small details.
YMM: What's your ideal fit, what are you wearing? 
My clothes, that's all I wear. 
YMM: Tell us about your relationship with Playboi Carti
He’s the professor, I met him through Phoenix, I remember one night, back when I was living in this bando, he pulled up to take me to Atlanta. I didn’t know where I was going at the time but I didn’t question anything. We were in the hotel and had made a last-minute grid of designs I wanted to show to Carti. That’s where I met Erry and Shane for the first time. So boom we pulled up to the Jimmy Fallon shoot for the song slayer, and it was cold as shit. We went to the studio where I met him and lone for the first time and after that night I ended up going on tour with them probably a year later.
YMM: Do you have any favorite moments from that tour?
My favorite moment was probably shooting the narcissist drop alongside Phoenix Nico and this other dude Myles. That’s where I met Filthy Starboy and Outtatown for the first time plus I got to meet the Migos randomly one night. Probably my first time doing something like that, I’ve always put together shoots for myself and my brand but never on this scale. It was my first impression so I had to go off. Clothes were hung up, they handed me this camera and I shot about 2000 pics, styling and directing the shoot like I did it before. I even got to shoot drain gang one night, Lean and Bladee being some of my favorite pics out of everything. After hours we’d just listen to music all night, felt like I was dreaming at one point.
 YMM: What does the name Nasty novocaine mean?
In high school I was on live I had the nasty novocaine username and some girl was making fun of me for it. Telling me “What kinda username is Nasty Novocaine”. I said bitch you'll find out. 
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