Texas-born Austin Babbit, better known online by his instagram username Asspizza (@asspizza), is a cultural icon and artist based out of New York City that you will forever want to keep your eyes on.



At an early age, Austin discovered his interests in graffiti painting and began making regular trips to local thrift stores. There, he could find inexpensive items that he could customize, wear, and give to his friends, which sparked his enthusiasm for his creative process.

Many of you might recognize his name as one of the first artists to up-cycle Supreme New York box logo sweatshirts. Others might know Austin as the guy who created high-end bootleg Kanye West’s Life of Pablo merchandise, so high-end, in fact, that Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and Heron Preston placed Austin's hand-printed merchandising right next to the official Life of Pablo merchandise in pop-up stores. These two moments in streetwear history are only highly-recognized examples of some of the smaller innovation done by Asspizza.


Today, Austin Babbitt is well known for his three ventures called Asspizza, 730 Studios, and 730 Footwear.

Asspizza is the moniker of the clothing line started by Austin in 2015. His past collections range from hand-printed, embroidered, customized, patch-sewn, up-cycled vintage clothing to custom hand-painted salt and pepper shakers.

Austin puts most of his time and money into making sure that each piece he hand-manufactures is unique enough to be classified as a 1/1. This is the Asspizza Footprint

Asspizza: Nothing Matters by @illroots

Shot by Jack Dalton & Christian Mealha Edited by Jack Dalton Produced by Payton Arriaga

For many years, Austin worked alongside his close buddy Tyler Webb, also know online as KentuckyBoyTyler (@kentuckyboytyler). Tyler relocated from Kentucky to assist Austin with the cut & sew process for Asspizza. Austin describes the period when he had a backlog of unshipped products as a painful time, so he'd been very grateful to have met Tyler. 

To stay up to date with Austin Babbitt’s AssPizza follow @ASSPIZZA on instagram.

Austin's second venture, 730 Studios, is a new music production headquarters in Los Angeles. The headquarters consists of 2 music production studios, Studio A & Studio B. Although, no one is exactly sure where Austin will take this, the 730 community has been keeping their eyes peeled. 

To stay up to date with Austin Babbitt’s 730 Studios follow @730STUDIOS on instagram.


730 Footwear, launched in March of 2022, is a sneaker company where, so far, Austin has re-crafted replica-eque depictions of the Nike Air More Uptempo. However, there’s a twist.

Austin posts on instagram March 30th and writes:

“Introducing, The BALLER PRO • The First Model from 730 FOOTWEAR.
We picked the highest quality materials available to meet/beat the standard of shoe brands you’ve grown up wearing. You will NOT be disappointed. Only 730 pairs have been Made, each pair comes individually numbered, etc.
It’s time to say goodbye to supporting these big boring corporations. With 730 FOOTWEAR we will make the sneaker game fun again !
Gigantic things planned, you’ll see everything soon."

It’s safe to say that Austin plans to expand this idea and create a wider selection of different styles of 730 sneakers in the future.

To stay up to date with Austin Babbitt’s 730 Footwear follow @730FOOTWEAR on instagram.

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