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Sam Mazzarino (REENO®) is the 20-year-old idealistic genius behind Reeno Studios®. He is widely known for his distinct style of innovative artwork and his pursuit to develop endless affordable resources for the underground creative community. It’s no surprise why iconic avant-garde trailblazers like Kanye West, Billie Eilish, Future, Playboi Carti, and countless other big-name artists have wanted to work with Reeno. He is objectively one of the most hard-working pioneers the creative industry has encountered and we are honored to share his words.

Kanye West by REENO

To begin, Reeno is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. He has always believed in the power behind manifesting positive experiences with positive thoughts. He discovered the true power behind this early on when he was given the chance to work directly with Billie Eilish on a collaboration for her merchandise in 2018. 

“I remember it vividly. I realized that truly anything, anything was possible. Not just with art, with goals in any area of life. It was like this enlightening moment, discovering something that was true all along. & Never looked back after that”


“Being able to make official merch with her that said “REENO STUDIOS” on it AND that she posted & tagged me in multiple times. That was mind-blowing for how early on I was in the game. It allowed me to quit my job as a server, something I’d been visualizing for a few months prior”

REENO posing with some of his artwork.

This specific opportunity was the first of many that fueled Reeno and pushed him to instill in himself that nothing was off the table. With this way of thinking, Reeno became pertinacious. As time went on, Reeno prioritized more and more of his time on having a personal message behind everything he did from there on out. 

“To me that’s what makes truly excellent art great. When you think of your favorite albums or what we regard as the best. It’s not because of the technical skill, it’s the passion, emotion, or expression that portrays an individual’s vision. You couldn’t have anyone but kendrick make GKMC, because that’s his life. We don’t love Tupac for his rhyme schemes, great as they may be. We love him for the soul of his poetry, and for the fact that he’ll live & die by the sword with what he puts in his art. If I’m making art why would you care about it if my story isn’t incredible? That’s the foundation. The technical skill level is just a way to express it through art as accurately as possible”

One Of The Many Reeno Studios Mockup Bundles

“Our role models are falling on their sword by the day so I’m striving to fill that void, in my own actions but more importantly by prompting other individuals to pick that sword up by the handle and be the hero of their own lives. More positivity, excellence, and inspiration overall.”

Reeno began to view his life as a work in progress. He was a developing icon. He only cared about learning more about the industry he was pursuing and giving back to it. Thus, it was no surprise to anyone when Reeno got accepted into one of the top design & applied arts schools, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He was exploring everything. 

“Every way you could imagine. I wouldn’t put my art, my heart & soul, on the back burner for no good reason. Extracting every crumb of education from this school from students, staff, professors, resources, material study, curriculum, and endless hours running through every book in the library. Addressing all the things I know the least about. Consistently being the dumbest in the room. Until I become smarter, then move to a new room where I’m dumbest again. The main thing it’s taught me is how hard I have the capacity to work, and how to make great work from the heart quickly and efficiently, rather than waiting idly by for inspiration to strike. Being that most artists in the scene right now did not go to art school, it gives me a different perspective. Would have been the opposite 15 years ago. It’s fun how life works in cycles like that.”

Andy Warhol Nike Air Forces By Reeno Studios®

Something incredibly admirable about this human being is that when he learns, he teaches. He wants to share his mental wealth. All Reeno wants to do is create and discover creative resources to give to the creative community. This kind of enthusiasm is what led him to work directly with Kanye West. We asked Reeno what he would say to Kanye right now if he had the opportunity and his response was:

“I had the opportunity a few months ago & it only reaffirmed what I had said about anything being possible. Nothing is off the table for all of us. I worked with him directly for months & spoke quite a bit. But it’s less about what I said, more about how reverently I listened to him. And then how I applied what I learned. To get that cosign from such a powerful player in the development of our culture, and a personal inspiration to me, meant so much. It proved beyond doubt that I was cut out to do work on the highest level. “

Artwork by REENO.

Regarding what the industry can expect from his brand in the future as it continues to evolve, Reeno had this to say:

“I don’t want to talk on the future of REENO. If it speaks to you stick with us. The track record so far at 20 years old while being a full time student speaks for itself. All our love goes out to the community for the trust & patience.”


We Asked Reeno What Kind Of Advice He Would Give To Someone Who Is Looking To Start a Brand

“Id say I love your enthusiasm, even to be thinking about making something on your own when it’s so easy to take a more secure route is admirable. 

That being said, I’d urge them to really think about this. Are you willing to put the time in to do the research and create a brand that pushes things forward? Because if that’s your goal you’ll have to know where the industry currently stands, and what’s already been explored. It’s no guts no glory. Do you have the courage in you to take risks to make your brand great & make it mean something? Or is your fear of looking stupid or failing preventing it? 

Is it even that serious in the first place? What are your motives? A cultural movement? Money? Or just a fun hobby? All of these require different levels of input. In my opinion, we have too many brands. And most of them are wack. It’s an extremely saturated market, and don’t expect people to care just because you think you’re awesome, you will need to communicate your vision through product, and if it’s not one the people feel, it’s hard. It will get very tough at points, you might go broke, and you might have to invest in something that will make you more money. Are these things you could see yourself doing? 

I guess that’s much more than one thing, but such an industry with so much smoke in mirrors requires a certain clarity of mind to operate

In summary, be smart, make something of a plan, and have something to say. Give the community something, don’t just take of it. We need more dopeness and great products so if you’re ready for it, please create it. Paint a brighter color & remember nothing is off the table “



Thank you Sam,


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