Sidam is a Los Angeles-based 55-year-old film creator and graffiti artist originally from San Fernando valley that works and thrives with one of your favorite news channels, Channel 5 News


What is Your Name, Age, Where Are You From?

Name is Sidam I'm 55 and I'm from the San Fernando Valley.

Explain the role you play in Channel 5.

Currently a correspondent for Channel 5.


How did you get into Graffiti culture? How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I've been painting graffiti for a cool minute roughly around 06 getting more serious around 2011. If i were to describe myself as an artist it would possibly be as a master of none because i do like to try and express my ideas in different ways.


Who are some artists you look up to & are inspired by?

I look up to a lot of the homies that are making dope shit. Guillaume OllivierDevin TroyAndrew BarnesDaniel Antelo. Shit, I got a lot of talented homies and I'd like to name em all really.

What is your creative process when deciding what kind of content to make for Channel 5?


Um shit when it comes to Channel 5 content I feel like knowing less and not really knowing what i'm getting myself into is better because i really look it at as a learning experience and would rather not come in hot with some type of bias.  

Tell us about one of the first experiences you had when you realized all of the time & work you were putting into content you've been creating paid off?

I think just as the opportunities that i'm being offered continue to grow. It reassures me  that what i'm doing is putting me on the right path. more motivation for progression. 

Who is one of your all-time inspirations?

All time inspiration. not sure. there's been a lot of people in my life that i've looked up Trigz was one and the homie Mort was another these are two graffiti writers that i grew up with i feel like them and my High school Art Teacher were people that kept me motivated and also encouraged me being creative in an environment that used to look down upon putting yourself out there.

What is one of your most memorable experiences with Channel 5, so far?

Uhuru being my first segment with Channel 5, it'll always be the most memorable one. i was just thrown in the mix and dealing with some of those people was insane, gained a lot of respect for andrews ability to keep his composure. 

Is there a reason behind wearing a ski mask in the videos you put out?

Yea I've always worn a skimask, it really started when i was in the bay and riding my bike around i'd wear a skimask because the cold air fucked up my nose. the homie told me i was crazy for wearing a ski mask around the city as a big black dude and i told em ima change the narrative of the mask and just be a nice ass dude in a ski mask. plus i do graffiti and it's cool being present online and still being able to keep my identity anonymous.

What's the first piece of clothing you're thinking about wearing, when you're deciding what to wear in the morning?

The crocs. I rock those daily.

What do you picture when you picture yourself one year from now? How bout' 5 years?

A year from and 5 years ima just still be out here creating videos and painting  and trying to make people laugh.
as for how, who knows the world is constantly shifting.
Is there anything you want your fans to know?
To any fans you can stay updated on Instagram where i post about shit mostly but been working on some new shit for the holiday season.
What does the future hold for you?
In the future i see more traveling and learning thru experiences. 

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To see more into Sidam's life follow him on instagram, (@polo_cutty)

& to see Sidam report for Channel 5 News checkout their YouTube page & instagram, (@channel5)

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