APRIL, 2022


Western Hydrodynamic Research is a company that “provides immersive experiences, educational programs, and beach utility products,” with Southern Californian roots. Pat Towersey originally started WHR while working at Nike/Hurley back in 2013 as a creative outlet, starting off by crafting bodysurf equipment & surfboards.  When asked about his intention on creating WHR Towersey’s said,

“I've been lucky enough to have unlimited access to the ocean, it's a part of my soul and has given me so much. WHR is an expression of gratitude to the ocean and nature, as well as an extension of my beliefs.”

Pat Towersey, Founder of WHR

Sustainability means a lot to Towersey. Being an avid waterman based in Southern California, the ocean and sustainability go hand in hand with being two things that are very important to people living there. Towersey prides himself on WHR being sustainable and makes all of his clothing pieces and items with a mindset of “doing your best to eliminate waste and doing no unnecessary harm to the environment.” He accomplishes this by “making things with minimal waste, trying to use up-cycled materials or garments and meet demand where it is,” all while not over producing. 

Towersey describes his journey with WHR as a rollercoaster, talking about low points of self-doubt like how he would provide for his family after he lost his job at the beginning of 2020 due to COVID, but continues to press on describing feeling good after random moments of fleeting affirmation.

The brand has changed a lot and will continue to change, from selling up-cycled boat bags made of used sails and waxed canvas on their website to doing collaborations with prominent retailers like Dover Street Market, to getting endorsed by renowned contemporary artist Tom Sachs, the only constant for Towersey is the ever-shifting forms the brand might take on. 

The Staple WHR Hat

WHR’s team consists of Towersey's wife, mother in law, Chris Barton and a few others. They have a tight nit group that does all the testing and designing themselves with help from friends. We are excited to see what type of sustainable pieces this group of innovators can come up with next. When asked about what’s next for WHR, Towersey said, 

“I'm not a big planner, if something feels right then I go with my gut and take it there. The gut usually steers me in the right direction, not to say there aren't mistakes made, but the mistakes help you learn.” 

Towersey’s story of starting the Western Hydrodynamic Research’s empire is inspiring for all promising brands. This is a brand that disrupted what beach fashion used to be by integrating surfing with environmental responsibility. This is just the start for WHR and we are very honored to share Pat Towersey’s words.


Thank you Pat,

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