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Wreno (@WRENOO) is the 24-year-old, Syrian born graffiti artist and clothing designer based out of Los Angeles. He is widely recognized for his clothing brand WRENO®, where he hand-screen-prints graphics and designs that imitate his approach to graffiti. It's no surprise why brands like VIZN® and Sicko® have linked with Wreno on various creative projects. We had the chance to ask Wreno some questions and dive deeper into his obsession with Graffiti, how he got into art and the transition he’s making into fashion.


YMM: Name? Age? Where are you from?

My name is Wreno, I'm 24, I'm from Aleppo, Syria.

YMM: How would you describe your profession?

My profession is delicate, challenging and with a lot of moving parts. It requires fast decision making, and good diplomacy. Colorful, engaging, active. Frequent changes of environment and constantly changing faces.

YMM: How did you get into Graphic Design and Grafitti?

I've been drawing since I was a kid. I always liked the reaction I'd get from people when they'd see my drawings. I kept it up throughout all my years. Graffiti was introduced to me when I first moved to LA. I was 11 at the time, I saw a green and yellow piece thrown on a heaven spot on the 134 freeway. Shit blew my mind I didn't know what I was looking at, but I knew I had to be a part of it. That day I went home and started writing my name. I wouldn't pick up a spraycan until a couple of years later. But that's where my love for letters began.


YMM: Where do you gather most of your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from Nature, in all regards. And from other writers of course. The Internet is a big influence in that it lets you see what's going on all over the world. Old timers hate that fact, but I think it's pretty cool.

YMM: Are you obsessed with graffiti?

I am indeed obsessed with graffiti, it's one of my favorite things. I think I understand it better than anything else. I can look at a tag and figure out everything about the writer, and life. There's so much in it. It's gotta represent some truth in the whole of the human drama, you know. It's like Beethoven when you hear a symphony it encapsulates the essence of human life, of joy or fear. Graffiti represents the essence of rebellion. and courage. It's so Punk but it's visual and it's spread all throughout the city.

YMM: Why do you love graffiti?

Graffiti is raw. When you're up on a billboard you forget there's even a world around you. The pieces you leave up represent you and everything about you. So does a collection, but graffiti is far more direct and pure for that matter.

YMM: Explain the transition you made from graffiti to higher-end fashion.

It's less a transition and more a continuation. I'm pushing one idea. over and over again.

I like making clothes because of the amount of variability it has, fabrics, labels, packaging, etc. alongside that it requires you to work with a host of different people and organizations, vendors, dye houses, factories of all kinds. Collections can be very deep and fulfilling to make. I'm always striving to unite things under one cohesive idea. A singular Concept.


YMM: Describe how it felt debuting your collection, The Quarry, (a collection of 1/1 art pieces, hand painted by Wreno) to Paris? What was a big takeaway from doing something like this?

 Painful. I am so in love with that city. I'll quote Phoenix here. "The Journey is the Destination".

What is one of your favorite pieces you've released under WRENO?
207 Freestyle

 207 Freestyle by WRENO 

YMM: Tell us about the meaning behind the black cross (We noticed you have it place at the bottom of your webstore?)

It's the Black Cross by Kazimir Malevich. Although Suprematism is not exactly the same idea that I'm after, the painting was so captivating in person that I decided it'd be a proper symbol to use to represent this collection.

Black Cross by Kazimir Malevich


YMM: What is some of the best advice you have for younger artists?

Pay attention to what moves you.

YMM: What does the future hold for WRENO? Where do you want to take this?

I want to build a team.


To keep up to date with WRENO please make sure to lock in with him on his Instagram @WRENOO or make sure to visit to check out his latest collection.

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