Yahtzee is a Los Angeles-based 19-year-old graphic designer and film creator originally from South Florida that works with some of your favorite streetwear brands like Siberia Hills, Fugazi, Vizn, Blohsh, and Menace. He is inherently one of the way-paving visionaries that are recognized for the nostalgic aesthetic he can bring to streetwear brands. He launched his own label, ‘Skinhead’ to create an outlet for himself to make things exactly how he wants to. We spoke to Yahtzee to better understand his roots and about the person behind most of your favorite brand’s artistic videos and graphics. 


 Fugazi One in The Chamber “Gunmetal Greys” By Yahtzee

Name, age, location?

 (Yahtzee) I’m nineteen, and currently based in Los Angeles though originally from South Florida


Photo of Yahtzee

What is your background in graphic design and/or you're (video-making skills)?

I started pretty early with graphic design- around when I was 10. At the time, I was really into games like TF2, GMod, and Minecraft, and would watch lets play channels on YouTube. It's hard to remember exactly what sparked it, but I eventually downloaded Gimp, which is just some freeware remake of photoshop. Knowing myself and my interests at the time, I was probably trying to be a YouTuber and wanted to make my own channel art.

Eventually, I learned how to navigate PirateBay and torrented the latest version of Photoshop, Fraps, Cinema 4D, and Sony Vegas 11; though for the longest time I stuck to only doing “gfx.” In 6th grade I took a really basic graphic design class, and I think that’s when I realized that I was actually decent at it and wanted to keep doing it. 

In 2013 after CS:GO released, I started to take it more seriously. I was like 12 on csgolounge betting on matches and following the pro scene super closely. I got really into ESports style logos, and started designing them for myself as well as for my friends. Around this time too, I started to familiarize myself more with Sony Vegas and editing fragmovies with CS clips because I was starting to get better at the game.


Menace Los Angeles “Gun Range” The Video Game

When did you know you could pursue (that) as a career?

It was the first time I won a film competition. Before then, my plan was to go to college for computer science and software engineering- though I didn’t think doing art full time would happen so soon.

What is the first bigger brand you. worked with? What was that like?

Trevor (Fugazi) reached out to me in October of 2019 to make a Spark AR/Instagram filter for the One in the Chambers. He showed me a really basic mockup and tech pack of what the shoe was supposed to look like, and I remade it in 3D for the filter. It was really sick because I feel like that was the first time a lot of people heard of Fugazi, and to be a part of the rollout and see Trevor’s success felt good.


Unsound Rags x Fugazi Popup - Voicemails

What is one of the most memorable brands or people you’ve worked with? Why?

Back in 2021 when I did the videos and site for Billie Eilish’s Blohsh label. It just felt surreal having that big of an influence. Going online and seeing people talking about it everywhere- even trying to find hidden meanings in work that I made just because I thought it looked cool.


Billie Eilish “TWALB” Video Shoot By Yahtzee


“Happier Than Ever” Merch Release Promo By Yahtzee

“The World’s A Little Blurry” Teaser (Director’s Cut) By Yahtzee

You’ve had a lot to do with the aesthetic behind a lot of iconic streetwear brands like Fugazi, Siberia Hills, Menace, and the list goes on. What’s that like?

I think it’s cool that the brands that I used to look up to when I was first starting trusted me enough to help bring their visions to life. Because of the amount of reach that my work has had through working with them , I’ll see a lot of brands or independent video creators try and replicate my style- but I don’t mind it. I’m just happy to have inspired other people to make videos.


Indigou - “Off On A Mission” By Yahtzee

What is Skinhead & What does Skinhead mean to you?

Skinhead is an outlet to make whatever I want. It’s kind of a big “fuck you” to everyone. It’s its own counterculture, based on the things that I grew up with and whatever I’m into right now. The name is enough to turn-off the average person, and the clothes and inspirations of the label are exactly what a modern racist skinhead would hate. It reclaims the original mod and rudeboy aesthetics of original Skinheads but in 2022. Clean cuts, slim fits, and collared shirts. It’s a part of the new punk movement forming right now which is a blend of every alternative culture from the past century.

Skinhead by Yahtzee

What triggered the idea to start Skinhead? When was this?

Working for someone else, especially in art, is always tough. In December of 2020, I’d been working full time for Siberia for about 7 months. It took up almost all of my time and was my main outlet. Creating within the “world” they’d already built over the years, I felt limited, as if I wasn’t making art that had meaning to me. I thought it looked cool, but it didn’t reflect who I am as a person, or what I’m really into. I started Skinhead so I make exactly what I want to.

Skinhead by Yahtzee 

What inspires you the most? Why?

 It’s hard to give a definite answer because I feel as if I’m inspired by so many different things that I lose track. I’ll go through phases every few months or so, but one constant is the music or media that I grew up with. I got into the emo subculture when I was 7 and first started listening to My Chemical Romance, and continue to be influenced by everything I found from then up until now. It’s always been what I associate with.

Do you prioritize a nostalgic aesthetic behind every production you put out into the world? How would you describe this style of work?

Like I’ve said before, it's really just a combination of everything that I grew up with and am into now. I don’t think there’s a word for it- it’s just a reflection of myself.


Painkiller Pt. 2 Outro Titles By Yahtzee

Siberia Hills L Sleeve by Yahtzee

When brands approach you for video work, do most of them give you a format to follow, or do they give you full artistic control?

It varies from project to project, though for most of my commission work now I’ll be given a rough idea and will have to interpret it into video. It’s rarely ever complete artistic control.


Siberia Hills By Yahtzee

What does the future hold for Yahtzee?

I’m currently finishing up the aw22 collection for Skinhead and starting on next year’s spring/summer collection. There’s also a handful of new projects I’ve been working on with other people, as well as a completely new solo project I have on the way under the name EXD


Check out Yahtzee’s Instagram @YAHTZEE to get updates about his new Skinhead collection and to keep up with his work.

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